August 2018


Custom-made sandwiches on our freshly baked breads with nitrate-free deli meats. 

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Certified organic produce from Shasta County and surrounding areas.

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  • With the unhealthy smoke hanging in the air, we have help for you - Free samples in our supplement dept.
  • Stay cool this summer with a healthy sweet treat - Frozen Fruit!
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Our Grocery Department has a wide variety of health foods. 

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The Carr Fire has been devastating to our Community.  At Orchard Nutrition Center we want to help, in some small way, to get you back on your feet.   From now until September 10th we are dropping our prices on select bulk items 25%.

  • Brown Rice Flour, Reg price $2.35 lb, Sale $1.75 lb
  • Whole Wheat Flour, Reg price $1.05 lb, Sale $0.75 lb
  • Short Grain Brown Rice, Reg price $1.99 lb, Sale $1.49 lb
  • Adzuki Beans, Reg price $1.85 lb, Sale $1.35 lb
  • Raw Almonds, Reg price $12.85 lb, Sale $9.59 lb
  • Quick Rolled Oats, Reg price $1.29 lb, Sale $0.95 lb
  • Pinto Beans, Reg price $2.25 lb, Sale $1.65 lb\
  • Cane Sugar, Reg price $2.45 lb, Sale $1.79 lb
  • Pink Salt, Reg price $3.49 lb, Sale $2.59 lb