About Us

The story of Orchard Nutrition began in 1982 when Joe Martino and his family had the idea to sell fruits and nuts locally in Redding, CA. Terry Sotel, Joe’s mother in-law, had spent years in the health food industry and was able to lend her experience to transitioning Orchard Nutrition from a simple fruits and nuts business to a full service health foods and supplements store serving the entire North State area.

The first store was located on Park Marina Drive and, after just two years in business, was bursting at the seams. The Martino family then decided to move Orchard Nutrition to its present location on Locust St., where they have enjoyed serving the Redding community for the past 30 years.

To this day, Joe still runs the store with the help of his daughter, son in-law, and grandchildren. The Martinos are proud to provide more than 40 jobs in the Redding area. They live here, shop here, and attempt to source as much as possible from local organic suppliers of cheese, meat, produce, and so much more!