Past Seminars

Does the thought of "fasting" as a part of your life style  intrigue you?  We know food is fuel and food medicine, so let's  talk fasting. Come learn about the potential health benefits of fasting.  Although we may not be able to change our genes, we are able to change what we eat...or more importantly, how and when we eat to significantly impact our hormone balance, gene expression and overall health.  Please join Dr. June Stevens as she provides you with the latest information on types of intermittent fasting and the health and longevity benefits associated with it.

Join Dominic and Kara as they look at the many foods that seem healthy, but have hidden sugar, fat and other unhealthy additives. They will also help you learn how to read and uncover  the deceiving advertisements and labels from the clever food companies, as well as discuss how and where to shop for the right healthy food choices.​

Why is detoxing and cleansing so important? Start the new year with this great class in which we will discuss the importance of releasing toxins from the body, the four different methods of detoxifying and how to better support the body. 

If you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, this is the class for you. If you are interested to learn ways to support your good cholesterol, blood pressure and levels of inflammation to prevent heart disease, keep yourself informed with the latest research and information on nutritional and natural approaches to heart health. Join Dr. June Stevens ND for this informational packed discussion on natural and alternative approaches to preventing, treating and reversing our nations #1 cause of death...Cardiovascular disease. Medications are not always the best treatment option. For more information please visit

Mounting evidence supports the fact that our body's chronic exposure to environmental toxins (found in foods, beverages, beauty products, and cleaning supplies, to name a few), directly contributes to the development of fatigue, obesity, Alzheimer's disease and cancer.  Learn where toxins come from, how to know if your body is toxic and what you can do to safely detoxify your body and reduce the risk for disease.  Join Dr. June Stevens as she addresses these issues and provides you with solutions to address the health challenges associated with our increasing levels of environmental toxicity.