Come join me on my journey to healthy living. I have exactly what you have been looking for to understand how to eat clean & have fun doing it. I will also help you figure out what foods your body may be reacting negatively to that you don’t even realize. Do you have gut discomfort, IBS, Diabetes or need to control your blood sugar, allergies or skin rashes that no medicine is taking away? Come to my class to share your story and discover how I can empower you to heal yourself.  Hosted by Ereka Bishop RD, MPA

Past Seminars

Our Bodies do not work in exactly the same way. There are genetic differences that influence our nutritional needs, the way we process those nutrients, how well we clear toxicities and how well we respond to stress and our environment. These and many more functions and responses can be associated with our genetic makeup and variations within our genes. Why do some people need more magnesium than others? Why is the Ketogenic diet not ideal of some and good for others? Optimizing your health starts with knowing what you have to work with; your genes! Come and enjoy this great class and explore the new and exciting field of Epigenetics. Discover how your genes can have a significant impact on your health! Take charge of your health !