Non-GMO Products

You’re Worth The Extra Effort
We get it, the jury is still out on the long-term effects of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), and that is precisely the point. We value our health, and more importantly, your health, way too much to gamble our bodies for the sake of convenience. Fortunately for all of us, there are plenty of incredible products that can be enjoyed without potentially disastrous consequences. At Orchard Nutrition Center, it is easy, quick, and convenient to find these products and reap the numerous health benefits.

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The Four Levels of USDA Organic Certification

100% Organic certified: All ingredients and processing aids must be certified organic. 

Organic certified: Ingredients must be certified organic of at least 95+%.  The remaining 5% do not have an organic option available. 

Made With Organic Ingredients: Contains at least 70% certified organic ingredients; 30% is not required to be certified organic.  These "Made with organic ingredients" must list which ingredients are organic. 

Products with less than 70% organic ingredients may list organically produced ingredients on the side panel of the package, but may not make any organic claims on the front of the package.