Our concept of balance is skewed... all things in life should not be 50/50. What does your life balance look like? Hosted by Pawnee Pleines, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

A great class where we will dive a little deeper and look at specific high impact genes and their functions on our health. We will discuss how to better modulate or express those genes for greater health. Some of the genes we will discuss are key factors in regulation of autoimmune disorders, heart health , inflammation and proper brain function. A super presentation with lots of great information to enhance your heath! Hosted by Dominic DiNino, CNC & Kara Krueger, CNC
Certified Nutritionist   Peak Wellness Group, LLC

Insulin the chemical messenger, is it Friend or Foe? The amazing ability of Insulin to change everything about your health, and what you really need to know about this powerful hormone;  both the Good and the Bad! Hosted by Pawnee Pleines, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Nutrition is great. Supplements are great. Exercise is great. Sometimes they are not enough to provide you with a breakthrough to a higher level of health. That's what happened to me. After my surgery for cancer (Dr. Jo Tillman) I hit a plateau so we decided to look at more options, particularly various ozone treatments. We found a bonanza that included 9 other modalities all in 2 unique units. They deliver tools to your body that boost your ability to heal, detoxify and increase cellular energy in a very relaxing setting. Join us to learn about the benefits of ozone.

Self-care thru food and weight management. The chief cause of any disease is a deficiency syndrome. Food must be whole and supplementing of the vital essence. Today’s fad diets, supplementing of vitamins and minerals, and inappropriate diet for the underlying condition have led to disease and a shortened life expectancy. In this class, Dr. Levings will introduce the use of the five branches of Chinese medicine to create and maintain weight balance to support health and longevity: Acupuncture, herbs, dietary, energy movement (tai qi, Qi gong), and body work.  Hosted by Dr. Ann Levings, RN, DAOM, Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Healthy Keto diet in concert with Intermittent fasting may be the most potent healing approach of our life time. Profoundly successful and completely doable making this a subject of great interest across the country and the globe. Hosted by Pawnee Pleines, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Past Seminars

Tui Na translates as "push-pull". It is a form of bodywork used by Chinese medicine doctors and practitioners to move Qi and restore channel flow, thereby restoring nutrients and removing waste to return function, comfort and health to blocked areas. Self-treatment is an effective home remedy for many problems of the musculo-skeletal system. Join me as I introduce some basic techniques that can be applied to self or family members to relieve systems. Hosted by Dr. Ann Levings, RN, DAOM, Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

In this FREE SEMINAR, "Quantum Healing, Breathwork & Self Love" - Where Science Meets Spirit" Lance will be sharing his experience, knowledge and benefits of the healing power of Breathwork. Followed by a short interactive breathing demonstration. Please bring a yoga mat and/or blanket. Hosted by Lance Smith, Certified Breathwork Facilitator.