Many people are suffering with fatigue, lack of energy, weight challenges, sleep disturbance and/or a loss for "zest" in life, yet are told their thyroid function is 'normal.' How frustrating! The truth is the function of the adrenal glands and the amount of cortisol hormone produced by these glands also play a major role in regulating the body's energy level, blood sugar regulation and sleep patterns. Unfortunately, millions of people are suffering in silence...having no idea adrenal gland dysfunction may be the cause. Join Dr. June Stevens as she takes you beyond thyroid and addresses the "thyroid - adrenal connection" and the impact it has on ones health and quality of life.

A super class discussing how to obtain and maximize essential nutrients with proper foods; what foods to avoid that can harm; the hidden toxicities in foods and good eating habits to achieve great health!

The majority of Americans are Nutrient Deficient and consuming a vast amount of toxic foods. Both can be attributed to the major causes of our sickness and diseases. This class will help you to identify the many hidden toxicities in our food, while addressing important steps for obtaining daily essential nutrition and to achieve optimum health!

'Tis the season to be hung-over! Stress, over-eating and too many sweet or fatty food, alcohol, unstable weather, darker days all add up. Take a moment from your "busy-ness" to discover the secrets of Chinese medicine and acupuncture to get you through without a total crash in January.

Past Seminars

Aren't sure if you are doing your breast self-exam correctly? Or wonder if you are high risk for breast cancer? Get all your answers at our FREE educational workshop.

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Inflammation Syndrome Gut/Brain Connection

​On Saturday, April 8th Orchard Nutrition Center in conjunction with Redding Holistic Health Specialists presented another in a series of free health seminars  Health and nutrition experts Dr. June Stevens, Dominic DiNino and Cheri Davis will discuss how chronic inflammation affects your health. This video is the actual Livestream webcast.

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On Saturday, September 23rd Orchard Nutrition Center in conjunction with Redding Holistic Health Specialists presented the next in a series of free seminars at the Orchard Nutrition Center Event Room, as well as via webcast live on Facebook and Livestream. The topic is “Reboot your health through nutrition and movement”. Local area health and nutrition experts, Dr. June Stevens, Certified Nutritional Consultant Dominic DiNino and guest speaker fitness expert Jami Hanna will share with you the latest information on how you, too, through behavior change strategies can take charge of your life and “reboot your health through nutrition and movement.

Have you been told you have Osteopenia or Osteoporosis? Have you suffered from a fracture or stress fractures?  Treating and preventing these conditions requires far more than just taking the recommended calcium and Vitamin D. Learn how to keep your bones healthy. Find out how nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalances, pH balance, medications and other medical conditions, like irritable bowel or renal disease may impact your bone health. Join Dr.  June Stevens, a Naturopathic Doctor, as she provides you the valuable information you need to maintain healthy bones.

Join Dr. June Stevens as she shares the latest updates on the relationships between chronic stress, nutritional deficiencies, and genetic predispositions and the impact they may have on your mental emotional well-being.

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What impact are all the catastrophic events happening all around us, the challenges we face regarding our countries political and healthcare arenas, and the accelerated rate of social media infiltrating our everyday lives having on us as individuals? Combined these with the events of our everyday lives and the stresses of the approaching holiday season and what do you get...Nervous system overload. The results of chronic stress lead to weakened immune system, disrupted sleep, distorted digestion, altered hormone regulation and impaired mental and emotional health. Join Dr, June Stevens as she shares with you natural and alternative approaches for stress management to decrease your disease risk and improve your quality of  health and well being.