A new technology with profound ways to detoxify your body (better than chelation) and regenerate at the cellular level in luxurious relaxation. What’s a Hocatt? Join us to find out. Also, learn about regenerating your cells, recharging your cell’s batteries and body energy with pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF). Hosted by Pat & Dr. Jo Tillman.

The Ketogenic diet is not ideal for some and good for others. Some people need more magnesium than others. These and many more functions and health outcomes are associated within our unique genetic makeup. Differences and variations in our genes influence our nutritional needs, how we process those nutrients, how we respond to stress and toxicities, how we metabolize fats, and why some people might have higher risk factors for certain diseases and ailments. This is Epigenetics; the activation and suppression of genes. By identifying high impact genetic variations, you can take better control of your health. This is a class you don’t want to miss! Hosted by Dominic DiNino, CNC & Kara Krueger, CNC of Peak Wellness Group, LLC

Past Seminars

Come join me on my journey to healthy living. I have exactly what you have been looking for to understand how to eat clean & have fun doing it. I will also help you figure out what foods your body may be reacting negatively to that you don’t even realize. Do you have gut discomfort, IBS, Diabetes or need to control your blood sugar, allergies or skin rashes that no medicine is taking away? Come to my class to share your story and discover how I can empower you to heal yourself.  Hosted by Ereka Bishop RD, MPA

Come learn how the Colons ability to communicate with our head-brain isn't just a wild theory. Learn How exactly can we communicate with our organs, specifically the Colon. Join Pawnee Pleines, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist to learn the "Colon love language"

In Chinese medicine, the underlying principle of health and longevity cultivation is to “follow nature”. The dedication to this philosophy, with few exceptions, determines the resultant health. This philosophy has developed and improved over the past 5000 years and encompasses the whole self: mind, body, and spirit, and embraces the individual needs of each person. When we bring ourselves into harmony with the natural rhythms, we improve the quality of our lives. Join Dr. Ann Levings as she introduces the basic principles of health through the lens of Chinese Medicine.

Our Bodies do not work in exactly the same way. There are genetic differences that influence our nutritional needs, the way we process those nutrients, how well we clear toxicities and how well we respond to stress and our environment. These and many more functions and responses can be associated with our genetic makeup and variations within our genes. Why do some people need more magnesium than others? Why is the Ketogenic diet not ideal of some and good for others? Optimizing your health starts with knowing what you have to work with; your genes! Come and enjoy this great class and explore the new and exciting field of Epigenetics. Discover how your genes can have a significant impact on your health! Take charge of your health !

Our concept of balance is skewed... all things in life should not be 50/50. What does your life balance look like? Hosted by Pawnee Pleines, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Self-care thru food and weight management. The chief cause of any disease is a deficiency syndrome. Food must be whole and supplementing of the vital essence. Today’s fad diets, supplementing of vitamins and minerals, and inappropriate diet for the underlying condition have led to disease and a shortened life expectancy. In this class, Dr. Levings will introduce the use of the five branches of Chinese medicine to create and maintain weight balance to support health and longevity: Acupuncture, herbs, dietary, energy movement (tai qi, Qi gong), and body work.  Hosted by Dr. Ann Levings, RN, DAOM, Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Your diet could be causing you to be sick, both mentally and physically. If you have gut issues, they could be causing your depression, anxiety or several other health issues.  Let's talk about our gut and how it affects our health. We may think we are eating healthy but, the foods we reach for tend to by highly processed, calorie-dense, and industrially produced.  You will learn how important it is to take care of your gut and choose foods that help your gut stay healthy. We will also talk about how prebiotics and probiotics are important part of gut health and why we need them in our diets.

It's not easy to learn you have diabetes. But it is the first step towards feeling better and living a longer healthier life. Come learn the basics of nutrition and diabetes and how to get yourself on the road to health. All are welcome not just newly diagnosed diabetics. Hosted by Ereka Bishop RD, MPA.